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OpenBCI Instructional Bundle

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Product Overview

This bundle includes everything you'll need to equip an introductory course on biosensing. Each Ganglion board can measure up to 4 channels of EEG, EMG, or ECG, as well as movement data with its on-board accelerometer.

  • Description:   

    This bundle includes everything you'll need to equip an introductory course or a workshop on biosensing. Each Ganglion board is capable of measuring up to 4 channels of EEG, EMG, or ECG, as well as movement data with its on-board accelerometer. 

    Take the guesswork out of equipping your classroom or workshop with these pre-designed bundles! 

    In addition to the products listed below, this bundle includes two hours of dedicated video support and troubleshooting assistance. Use the time to get input on a curriculum and/or get live set-up help!  

    What's Included:

     Item Quantity
    Ganglion Biosensing Board 4-channel with battery and charger 5
    Gold Cup Electrodes 5
    EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cables 5
    EMG/ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrode Pack 10
    Ganglion Dongle 5
    Ten20 EEG Paste Jar 8oz 1
    OpenBCI EEG Headband Kit 5
    OpenBCI GUI Software free download  1
    Personalized Technical Support & Guidance 2 hours

    For more information on the individual products of this bundle, follow the links in the table above, or head over to our Documentation for in-depth guides on how all of the tools, software, and accessories work!

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