OpenBCI EEG Headband Kit

$ 199.99

Product Overview

The OpenBCI Headband kit is a great starter kit for EEG measurements! Researchers, teaching labs and classrooms will find this budget-friendly option appealing. The leads included are compatible with all OpenBCI biosensing boards: Cyton, Ganglion, and CytonDaisy. Boards sold separately.

Optional but recommended for optimal signal quality: Dry 5 mm EEG comb electrodes

Check out the EEG Headband Tutorial for a quick guide to viewing your brain waves on the various OpenBCI GUI applications!

Definitely also check out our short YouTube videos showing how to live-stream EEG with Cyton and Ganglion!

This Kit Includes 

  • THREE lead wires terminating in snaps for flat EEG snap electrodes (black, white, red)
  • SIX standard lead wires terminating in clips for dry comb electrodes
  • 12 replacement flat EEG snap dry electrodes
  • 2 ear clips with replacement electrodes
  • 1 headband
  • 10x replacement 2mm dry comb electrodes

The leads are all 18" (45 cm) 

The headband allows three frontal cortex measurements (F7, AF7, Fp1, Fpz, Fp2, AF8, F8) via the three included lead wires with flat EEG snap electrodes. The headband facilitates temporal, parietal, and occipital measurements via six standard leads. Measurement can be taken at including but not limited to FT7/FT8, T7/T8, TP7/TP8, P7/P8, PO7/PO8, O1/O2, and Oz nodes, depending where you position the spikey electrodes.  In total, this kit comes with NINE electrode leads. 

If you want additional frontal lobe measurements, you can purchase Snap Electrode Cables. They are compatible with the flat EEG snap electrodes in this headband kit.

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