EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cables

$ 39.99

Product Overview

The OpenBCI EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cable comes as a ribbon cable with 10x 4 mm 'snap-on' connectors that can be used with any OpenBCI board to connect to a variety of Disposable ECG Electrodes, Reusable ECG Electrodes and Chest ECG Electrodes. Note that this product does not come with the electrodes. Electrodes must be purchased separately.

These cables are also compatible with the EEG HeadBand Kit flat snap electrodes.  

This Kit Includes

    •    (x10) 1 m in length lead wires with 4 mm 'snap-on' connectors,  on a color-coded ribbon cable.

Technical Specifications

OpenBCI Electrode:

    •    26 gauge stranded wire
    •    1 m, color-coded cable
    •    Single female header termination per cable
    •    Insulation = PVC rated to 80*C
    •    Overall OD = 1.45mm/0.057”


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