All-in-One Biosensing R&D Bundle

$ 2,478.85


This bundle is dedicated to everyone who desires a flexible and modular all-inclusive biosensing research platform and wants to have the most comprehensive kit available!

Arriving pre-assembled, this bundle contains all the gear you need to obtain EEG/EMG/ECG data via wet AND dry electrodes. Take the guesswork out of your purchase! 

This kit offers four different approaches to getting EEG data:

  1. Dry electrodes via EEG Headset
  2. Dry electrodes via EEG Headband
  3. Wet electrodes via Gold Cup Electrodes 
  4. Touchproof adapter cable so you can connect our boards to your own headset, EEG cap, etc

Additionally, this kit offers three different ways to acquire EMG/ECG data:

  1. EMG/ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrodes with Snap Electrode Cables
  2. Myoware Muscle Sensor
  3. Pulse Sensor 

For more information on the individual products of this bundle, follow the links in the table below, or head over to our Learning Pages for in-depth guides on how all of the tools, software, and accessories work together. Like all our other products, this bundle is compatible with our free open-source software.

What's in this bundle:

 Item Quantity
 Cyton+Daisy Biosensing Board 16-channel 1
 Ultracortex Mark IV EEG Headset Pro-Assembled Medium 16-channel 1
 Gold Cup Electrodes 2
 Header Pin to Touch Proof Electrode Adapter 2
 EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cables 2
 EMG/ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrodes (30/pack) 2
 Dry EEG Comb Electrodes (30/pack) 1
 MyoWare Muscle Sensor 1
 Pulse Sensor (Heart-Rate Monitor) 1
 OpenBCI EEG Headband Kit 1
 Ten20 Paste Jars 3-pack 1


Click on the links above to see the product pages, where you can find shortcuts to the relevant tutorials! 

All OpenBCI bundles come with a battery pack that holds 4 AA batteries (batteries not included). Bundles are also compatible with the following battery options.

Suggested CytonDaisy Battery/Charger Options (NOT INCLUDED)

  • (2x) Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (500mAh) from Adafruit or Sparkfun — we recommend buying an extra battery so you can continue working while you recharge!
  • (1x) A charger for the above battery (Adafruit or Sparkfun

Don't hesitate to email with your questions. 

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