OpenBCI EEG Headband Kit

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Product Overview

The OpenBCI Headband kit is a great starter kit for EEG measurements! Researchers, teaching labs and classrooms will find this budget-friendly option appealing. The leads included are compatible with all OpenBCI biosensing boards: Cyton, Ganglion, and CytonDaisy. Boards sold separately.

Check out the EEG Headband Tutorial for a quick guide to viewing your brain waves on the various OpenBCI GUI applications!

Definitely also check out our short YouTube videos showing how to live-stream EEG with Cyton and Ganglion!

This Kit Includes

  • 3 lead wires for flat EEG snap electrodes (black, white, red)
  • 2 standard lead wires
  • 12 replacement flat EEG Snap Electrodes
  • 2 ear clips with replacement electrodes
  • 1 headband
  • 10x replacement 2mm prong electrodes

The leads are all 18" (45 cm) 

The headband allows three frontal cortex measurements (F7, AF7, Fp1, Fpz, Fp2, AF8, F8) via the 3 lead wires with flat EEG electrodes. The two leads with spikey electrodes will allow measurement at the FT7/FT8, T7/T8, TP7/TP8, P7/P8, PO7/PO8, O1/O2, and Oz nodes, depending where you insert the spikey electrodes. In total, this kit comes with FIVE electrode leads, with option to add more!

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