Header Pin to Touch Proof Electrode Adapter

$ 29.99

Product Overview

The OpenBCI Touch-proof Electrode cable Adapter is a ribbon cable with 10 touch-proof adapters that can be used to connect a Cyton Board, a Cyton Daisy Board, or a Ganglion Board to a standard electrode cap, or the OpenBCI electrode cap.

If an electrode (for example most electrode caps) has standard touchproof DIN terminations, you can use the touchproof adapter to connect the electrode to an OpenBCI board.

This Kit Includes

    •    (x10) passive, touch-proof electrode cable adapters on a color-coded ribbon cable.

Technical Specifications

OpenBCI Electrode:

    •    26 gauge stranded wire
    •    12 in, color-coded cable
    •    Single female header termination per cable
    •    Insulation = PVC rated to 80*C
    •    Overall OD = 1.45mm/0.057”

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