Header Pin to Touch Proof Electrode Adapter

$ 24.99

Product Overview

The OpenBCI Touch-proof Electrode cable Adapter comes as a ribbon cable with 10 touch-proof adapters that can be used with a Cyton Board, a Cyton Daisy Board, or a Ganglion Board to connect to a variety of industry standard electrodes to sample brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), and heart activity (ECG).

This Kit Includes

    •    (x10) passive, touch-proof electrode cable adapters on a color-coded ribbon cable.

Technical Specifications

OpenBCI Electrode:

    •    26 gauge stranded wire
    •    12 in, color-coded cable
    •    Single female header termination per cable
    •    Insulation = PVC rated to 80*C
    •    Overall OD = 1.45mm/0.057”

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