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BCI + AR/VR/XR Bundle

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Product Overview

Unmatched comfort and image resolution meet open-source neurotechnology.

  • NEW! BCI + AR/VR/XR Bundle 

    Experience the unparalleled comfort of OpenBCI + Varjo headwear.

    This bundle expertly combines a low-profile gel EEG electrode cap with ergonomic AR/VR/XR headset design. It is ideal for human-computer interaction research, brain-computer interface development, neuroscience studies, and wearable technology applications.

    Plus, get 10% off this bundle – perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. Inquire with our team 

    Complete your bundle with a Varjo headset

    The Varjo XR-3 Headset – the world’s only true mixed reality headset. With the XR-3's ultra-low latency and a high-fidelity 12-megapixel video stream, you can explore true-to-life virtual visualizations as natural extensions of the real world. Effortlessly switch between XR, AR, and VR.

    Make groundbreaking advances by combining EEG with the most immersive XR experience yet. 

    What's Included:

     Item Description Qty
    Varjo Headset (choose XR-3 Unlocked, or XR-3 Focal Edition Unlocked) 1
    EEG Electrode Cap (choose cap size), with low-profile sintered Ag-AgCl electrodes, and touchproof cable adapters 1
    CytonDaisy 16-channel Biosensing Board 1
    Ground/Reference Earclip Cable Pair 1
    Electrode Cap Gel 16 oz 1
    Pack of snap cables and electrodes for facial EEG, EMG, or ECG 1

    What else you'll need (not included):

    Compatible Windows PC or laptop meeting minimum requirements
    Tracking System (i.e. Base Station) - $149 (2x minimum, 4x recommended)
    Controllers - $270 

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