Dry EEG Comb Electrodes (Pack of 30)

$ 44.99

Product Overview

The prongs of this dry EEG electrode end in blunt tips for long-term comfort and wearability. The extended (5mm) prongs accommodate longer hair while enabling excellent signal quality

This product is highly recommended to be paired with the compatible products Ultracortex Mark IV EEG Headset and the OpenBCI Headband Kit

Note: Cables NOT included. This product is intended to be used with the Ultracortex Mark IV EEG Headset or the OpenBCI Headband Kit, which come with cables. This product is NOT compatible with the Snap Electrode Cables

This Kit Includes 

  • (x30) 5 mm Comb Reusable Dry EEG Electrode 

Technical Specifications

  • Blunt prongs for increased scalp contact, comfort, and wearability
  • Top diameter 1/4", bottom diameter 13/32"
  • Prong Length is 5 mm
  • Notch for the electrode cable to snap into is 7/32" in diameter
  • MSDS

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We do our best to ensure the highest quality of our products, but occasionally some of these electrodes may lose the coating on the tips of the electrodes during kitting and/or transit. It is expected that each pack may have one of these electrodes. Please check to make sure that you cannot see the white plastic substrate on the tips of the electrodes before using them. According to the manufacturer, these electrodes have a lifetime of  ~20 uses. After this many uses, the conductive electrode coating may be compromised IF the electrodes were not maintained. Recommended maintenance means gently cleaning residue (only if visible) with rubbing alcohol or water, followed by a rinse with deionized water, then drying completely before storing in a dark, low moisture container. Care is important for ensuring the integrity of the conductive Ag-AgCl coating. 



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