ThinkPulse™ Active Electrode Kit

$ 69.99

ThinkPulse™ - More comfort, more data, more results
The ThinkPulse™ Starter Kit is available exclusively from OpenBCI at $299.99, while quantities last. 

About ThinkPulse™ 

We are very excited to partner with Conscious Labs to offer this affordable, high-quality biosensing kit to our community. Conscious Labs is a neurotech startup based in Paris and Limoges, France. The company develops noninvasive brain-sensing technology for head wearables. Its growing team is led by Julien Dauguet, neuroscience PhD from Ecole Centrale and Harvard with a career at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Aksel Piran, a serial entrepreneur who brought to life leading-edge innovations in VR and gaming.

ThinkPulse™ is an active EEG sensor system delivering research-grade signal quality with the comfort of a consumer-grade product. Thanks to flexible polymeric dry sensors, it is designed to conveniently augment the standard electrode set of the Ultracortex and enhance the user experience, allowing long recording sessions.

This sensor system for $299.99 is an add-on to the Ultracortex EEG Headset plus Cyton Board. It has been designed and its compatibility tested for the 8 or 16 channel Ultracortex Headset with OpenBCI Cyton/CytonDaisy board.



  • Active electrode
  • Research-grade
  • Gel and paste-free
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Re-usable
  • Customizable
  • FREE OpenBCI GUI software
  • Wireless data transmission to computer


Want to learn more? Head to the ThinkPulse DOCUMENTATION for the step-by-step guide with videos, full technical specifications, etc.

How to get started? Add the following three products to your cart:

  1. ThinkPulse™ Active Electrode Starter Kit $299.99
  2. Ultracortex Headset 8-channel Kit (un-assembled is best) 
  3. Cyton Biosensing Board 8-channel

If you already have #2 and #3, no need to re-purchase!

The ThinkPulse Starter Kit $299.99 can be paired with any of the other following kits:

All-in-One Biosensing R&D Bundle, DIY Neurotechnologist's Starter Kit.

What's in the ThinkPulse Starter Kit $299.99:

   Component   Quantity

   Spiky electrode tips, with active sensor body units, for through-hair           

   Flat electrode tips, with active sensor body units, for forehead or hair-free 2
   Power supply board compatible with the OpenBCI® Cyton Board 1
   Cable pack 1


The ThinkPulse Starter Kit $299.99 does NOT include the Ultracortex Headset Kit 8-channel or the Cyton Biosensing Board 8-channel. These are available separately in the OpenBCI Store.

What's in the ThinkPulse Upgrade Kit $69.99:

   Component   Quantity

   Power supply board HOLDER in white, holds two power supply boards     

   Spiky electrode tips for through-hair 2
   Assorted cables 1

Due to popular demand, the newest offering from Conscious Labs is the ThinkPulse™ Upgrade Kit! If you already have one ThinkPulse™ Starter Kit, purchase an Upgrade Kit ($69.99) and a second Starter Kit ($299.99) to upgrade to 16-channels.

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