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cEEGrid Around-the-Ear EEG Bundle

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Product Overview

Everything you need for 16-channels of around-the-ear EEG data

  • NEW! cEEGrid +  CytonDaisy Biosensing Board

    cEEGrids are a flexible, re-usable and convenient around-the-ear electrode array that capture EEG and other physiological phenomena. This biosignal acquisition system allows the discrete recording of electrophysiological changes (e.g., EEG, ECG, EMG) from inconspicuous electrodes positioned around the ears.

    Introducing our comprehensive kit featuring three key components for comfortable, seamless biosignal acquisition:

    1. OpenBCI Cyton + Daisy Board:
    - Empowers low-cost mobile biosignal acquisition (e.g., EEG, ECG, or EMG).
    - Includes free, open-source software.
    - Cutting-edge microcontroller technology for optimal performance.

    2. cEEGrid Electrodes:
    - Set of comfortable, flex-printed electrodes arranged in a c-shaped form.
    - Easy adherence around the ears.

    3. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Adapter:
    - Reliably aggregates cEEGrid electrode data, ensuring signal integrity.


    Everything you need for 16-channel around-the-ear EEG recording

    wearing the ceegrid product on the back of a headband

     Scientifically Validated:

    1. A Systematic Comparison of High-End and Low-Cost EEG Amplifiers for Concealed, Around-the-Ear EEG Recordings
    2. ERP and P300 data obtained via unobtrusive ambulatory EEG using a smartphone and cEEGrid
    3. cEEGrid enables the recording of meaningful continuous EEG, event-related potentials and neural oscillations.
    4. Reliable detection of jaw clenching events
    5. Alpha wave detection in real-world neural data with cEEGrid
    6. Ear-EEG via mobile cEEGrid ($600) comparable to traditional high-density EEG caps for measurement of auditory attention to continuous speech


    What's Included:

     Item Description QTY
    OpenBCI Cyton Board + Daisy Board 1
    cEEGrid OpenBCI Adapter  2
    Connector Cables  20
    Enclosure  1
    Baseball Cap 1
    Headband  1
    cEEGrid Replacement stickers 20
    Gold-Plated cEEGrid Electrodes 8
    Alcohol Cleaning Pads 1
    AbrasivPlus Electrolyte Gel 1
    Syringe  2
    cEEGrid Applicator  1

    Assembly Required - See Product Guide


    cEEGrid Kit Creator:

    Michael Knierim -  OpenBCI Community Post


    FREE Software Included:

    The OpenBCI GUI is OpenBCI's powerful software tool for visualizing, recording, and streaming data from OpenBCI boards. Provided free and open-source with no extra charges or add-ons for accessing the raw data.



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