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EmotiBit Essentials Kit

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Product Overview

Add-on kit for the Emotibit which includes the Adafruit Feather, battery, and other essential accessories.

  • The Essentials Kit is an add-on for folks who already have an EmotiBit MD or Emo Board. If you’re just getting started with EmotiBit and want to get everything you need to hit the ground running, check out the All-in-one EmotiBit Bundle and get $25 off.


    What comes in the Essentials Kit:



    Adafruit Feather (Huzzah32 or M0, interchangeable)


    400mAh Lithium ion battery


    High-speed microSD card


    MicroSD card reader


    Micro USB cable


    Emoti-stretch straps of different lengths to wear EmotiBit nearly anywhere on the body, ranging from a child’s wrist to an adult head



    Who makes EmotiBit?

    Learn more about EmotiBit and the team behind it on the EmotiBit website.

    Find instructions and documentation on GitHub!

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