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All-in-One Spectra EIT Kit

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Product Overview

With this ALL-IN-ONE kit you have the tools to experiment in bioimpedance spectroscopy and electrical impedance tomography.

  • We're excited and proud to partner with Minds Eye Biomedical to bring you Spectra EIT!

    EIT stands for Electrical Impedance Tomography. The device uses non-ionizing AC current to recreate an image of any conductive material, such as your lungs, arm, or head, using the same tomographic reconstruction technique as a CAT scan. The bluetooth-enabled PCB is only 2” square, with, making it a portable and hackable way to do biomedical imaging!

    With this ALL-IN-ONE kit you have the tools to experiment in bioimpedance spectroscopy and electrical impedance tomography. Spectra is a highly precise impedance measurement device. The kit includes the tested main PCB with firmware pre-programmed, tank with flex electrode array made to fit, a custom portable enclosure, an electrode expansion adapter, USB power and data cable, and a 32-channel, gold-plated electrode cable for performing EIT scans on almost anything, anywhere!

    Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a non-invasive type of medical imaging in which the electrical conductivity, permittivity, and impedance of a part of the body is inferred from surface electrode measurements by sending small AC currents through a conductive body. This impedance information is then used to create an image reconstruction using techniques similar to a CATSCAN. By running multiple frequencies through the body cross-section of interest, you can obtain further information on dielectric spectrums of individual materials located between the electrodes.

    This multi-dimensional data is perfect for machine learning to delve into and make EIT an even more powerful tool for transforming human health!

    Learn about software installation and device usage at the main OpenEIT Docs

    Follow the tutorial to take the bioimpedance of any body part! You'll need ten20 paste along with the Spectra EIT Kit.


    Applications Include

    Spectra is a very low-current device that is safe for continuous monitoring and preventative health, contrasted with CATSCANs and their reliance on ionizing radiation . Because Spectra does no harm, it is also a great device with which to explore and learn on your own!

    Image Reconstruction:
    It allows tracking the changes in the lungs or other body parts over time. It can be employed to do gestural recognition based on arm muscle movements. It can also be used on small volumes to determine the presence of different types of cells, e.g., hemoglobin in a blood sample or other cell metrics.

    Material Identification:
    Multifrequency EIT can generate a spectrum to identify tissues such as fat, tumors, muscle, bone, or areas of higher blood flow.

    Time Series Measurement:
    With time series measurement one can measure the expansion and contraction of the lungs, blood flow change through the valves of your heart (impedance cardiography), stomach fullness or bladder changes.


    Features & Specifications

    • Precise and highly configurable sensor hardware
      • Can be configured to use up to 32 electrodes.
      • Measures at 160,000 samples per second.
      • Each impedance measure is made using differential referencing and 16-bit resolution.
      • Includes automatic temperature calibration to ensure impedance accuracy.
      • Includes an accelerometer for motion mitigation.
    • Built for safety and ease-of-use
      • DC power removal filters meet IEC60601-1 safety specifications.
      • Compatible with a 3.5 V, 850 mAh battery (not included) for improved portability. On-board circuitry allows charging via the supplied USB cable. Up to 12 hours of battery life, depending on the specific use case.
      • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to accommodate wireless data transmission.
    • Flexible open source software
      • Easy to install software supports time series impedance measurements, bio-impedance spectroscopy, and electrical impedance tomography, between 80 Hz and 80 kHz, with up to 32 electrodes.
      • Supports three different types of tomographic reconstruction: Graz Consensus, Gauss-Newton Method, and Back Projection. All three can be run in realtime and can be configured with any number of electrodes (e.g., 8, 16, or 32). You can record for analysis offline, and run in real-time.
      • Hardware includes Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programmers for easy firmware re-programming.
    • Portable design
      • Tiny, portable PCB measures approximately 2” by 2” and comes with a plastic enclosure.
      • Comes with a small, cylindrical ‘phantom’ tank (140 mm diameter, 60 mm height).
      • Comes with a flexible electrodes for imaging things that don’t fit in the tank.

     This is an open-source project, and we welcome community help and collaboration!

    Questions and comments should be directed to Minds Eye Biomedical. Developers should check out the OpenEIT GitHub.

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