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The "HEG" in HEGduino stands for HemoEncephaloGraphy, a non-invasive biofeedback method. HEG detects regional changes in the brain’s energy consumption via changes in blood-oxygen. HEGduino enables you to see in real time how your brain blood-oxygen levels respond to your thoughts and actions, resulting in a simple and elegant biofeedback system. You can easily affect and eventually control regional blood flow in your head by focusing, breathing, and relaxing, and watching the response on your screen. With the biofeedback provided by HEGduino, you can exercise your brain and make it healthier with mindful practice.

We're partnering with HEGduino to bring you low-cost at-home HEG technology. Brain blood-flow biofeedback meets open-source IoT technology!  These kits are hand-assembled and tested by their team to run out-of-the box. No firmware tinkering or wire soldering needed!
Similarly to the pulse sensor PPG device (photoplethysmogram), HEGduino uses infrared light emitters/detectors to determine the changes in the blood-oxygen levels in your brain in real time. Tracking blood-oxygen changes in your brain provides direct insight into your brain activity. Curious how this works? View the scientific validation.

The project HEGduino and its creator Joshua Brewster are endorsed by Stephanie DuPont, President of the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles, and colleague of the original inventors of HEG. HEGduino now has BioEra support, and more on offer soon thanks to collaboration with Statechanger Brazil and other developers. 



The HEG is controlled and interacted with via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. The device will be accessible over Wi-Fi, with an HTML interface and a free game served right from the device to whatever HTML5 compatible device is connected!

The makers of HEGduino also released a free Chrome Extension that allows Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as enabling 2D and 3D assets that can’t fit on the device’s memory. You can find this and all HEGduino documentation on their GitHub page.

To get started with your HEG biofeedback, head to the quick start guide.


Hardware Specs 

Assembled HEGduino; Lolin32 version

  • Controller Board:
    • ESP32-based control with
      • WeMos Lolin32 V1.0.0 (4 MB flash but more I/O)
    • ADS1115 16-bit 860 sps ADC
    • I/O breakouts for a maximum of:
      • 32 Inputs / Outputs
      • 26x digital pins (3.3 V) - all PWM capable (two occupied by LEDs)
      • 18x analog pin
      • 3x UART
      • 3x SPI
  • Sensor Board: 
    • Flexible circuit board to conform to the shape of your head and headgear
    • 650 nm 50 mA red LED
    • 950 nm 50 mA IR LED
    • OPT101 monolithic photodiode
    • Connected to receiver by CAT3 connectors/wire


If you have a technical question about the operation of the HEGduino or any of its applications, please contact the creators directly at hegalpha@gmail.com

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