OpenBCI Classroom Bundle (5 kits) + Dedicated Support

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Take the guesswork out of equipping your classroom or workshop with these pre-designed bundles! We've added an exclusive tech support feature only available with purchase of this Biosensing Classroom Bundle. 

In addition to the products listed below, this bundle includes two hours of dedicated video support and troubleshooting assistance. Use the time to get input on a curriculum and/or get live set-up help! 

This bundle includes everything you'll need to equip an introductory course or a workshop on biosensing. Each Ganglion board is capable of measuring up to 4 channels of EEG, EMG, or ECG, as well as movement data with its on-board accelerometer. The MyoWare Muscle Sensor and the Pulse Sensor are awesome Arduino-based sensors for picking up EMG and PPG data around the body! Both devices have excellent online tutorials on how to pair with the OpenBCI board, as well as extensive documentation on how to use as stand-alone modules.

For more information on the individual products of this bundle, follow the links in the table below, or head over to our Learning Pages for in-depth guides on how all of the tools, software, and accessories work!

What's Included:

Item Quantity
Ganglion Biosensing Board 4-channel 5
Gold Cup Electrodes 5
EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cables 5
EMG/ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrodes (30/pack) 10
Ganglion Dongle 5
Myoware Muscle Sensor 5
Pulse Sensor 5
Ten20 EEG Paste Jars 3-pack 1
OpenBCI EEG Headband Kit 5
Personalized Video Technical Support & Guidance 2 hours

Recommended Battery/Charger Options (NOT INCLUDED)

  • (10x) Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (500mAh) from Adafruit or Sparkfun — we recommend buying an extra battery so you can continue working while you recharge! 
  • (5x) A charger for your battery pack (Adafruit or Sparkfun

Click on the list links above to see the product pages, where you can find shortcuts to the relevant tutorials!

Don't hesitate to email with your questions. 

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